2nd Video Shows Rep. Boebert Making Islamophobic Remarks About Rep. Omar

  • A 2nd video has resurfaced in which Rep. Lauren Boebert suggested Rep. Ilhan Omar was a terrorist.
  • In the video unearthed by CNN, Boebert also described Rep. Omar as ‘black-hearted’ and ‘evil.’
  • It came after Boebert refused to apologize for other Islamophobic remarks she made about Rep. Omar.

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A second video has emerged of Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert suggesting Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was a suicide bomber, as well as describing Omar as “black-hearted” and “evil.”

In remarks at a fundraiser dinner in September, Boebert said: “One of my staffers on his first day with me got into an elevator in the Capitol. And in that elevator, we were joined by Ilhan Omar. Well, it was just us three in there. I looked over and said, “Well, look-y there, it’s the Jihad Squad.”

The video was taken at a Staten Island Conservative Party dinner, then posted on Facebook by a person who attended. It was unearthed by CNN’s K-File on Tuesday

During the remarks, Boebert also described Omar and her Democratic colleague Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “black-hearted” and “evil” women.

The video resurfaced after Boebert refused to apologize last week to Omar for a separate video. She told the same story about being in an elevator with Rep. Omar.

Boebert issued an apology to “anyone in the Muslim community I offended” but has declined to apologize to Omar personally. 

The two had a phone conversation Monday after the video emerged, but Rep. Omar said she had ended the call after Boebert declined to offer an apology for her comments.


Boebert said in a video following the call: “As a strong Christian woman who values faith deeply, I never want anything I say to offend someone’s religion. So I told her that.”

Insider did not immediately receive replies to requests for comment from Rep. Boebert and Rep. Omar’s offices.

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