The Best Gifts for Photographers in 2021

A camera with wrapped presents on a wooden table

Need to buy a gift for a photographer in your life but have no idea what to look for? We have scoured the world of photography to put together this list of best gifts for photographers in 2021.

The gifts below cover a wide range of budgets and are ordered by price from lowest to highest.

Custom Film Roll Keychain

A keychain with a custom film canister attached

Gift some of your favorite photos in the form of a customized film roll keychain that looks like a roll of 36-exposure ISO 200 Kodak film. You can choose 10, 15, and 20 photo sizes, and the recipient can enjoy looking through each of the photos one-by-one as the film strip is pulled out of the canister. A personal message is chosen for the tab at the beginning of the strip as well.

Available for $12 from Amazon.

Say Cheese Retro Camera Socks

Colorful socks with vintage cameras as the pattern

Know someone with a love for photography and an eccentric fashion sense? These bright and eye-catching crew socks feature a Warhol-esque pattern of vintage cameras.

Available for $14 from Amazon.

Vintage and Digital Camera Ornaments

Camera Christmas tree ornaments

These resin camera ornaments are the perfect way to add a photography theme to your Christmas tree or holiday decor. The set comes with a vintage silver camera in a brown case and a black digital camera.

Available for $14 from Amazon.

Haida Anti-Fog Belt

The Haida Anti-fog belt on a camera lens

For photographers who regularly shoot in cold environments, the Haida Anti-Fog Belt attaches to a lens with hook-and-loop fasteners and is powered by USB. It warms up the lens in order to prevent it from fogging up at lower temperatures.

Available for $20 from Haida and Amazon

Camera Pendant Necklace

A necklace with a camera pendant

This small camera pendant sits alongside a tag that says “Keep Good Memories.” It comes with a quote card that reads: “Life is like a camera. FOCUS on what is important. CAPTURE the good times. DEVELOP from the negatives. And if things don’t work out, take another SHOT.” The pendant itself is made of pewter and the ~17-inch chain is made of stainless steel.

Available for $24 from Amazon.

Photography Cheat Sheet Playing Cards

Special photography playing cards with tips and tricks on them

Travel9to5’s Photography Playing Cards could be both fun and useful to someone just starting out in photography. Each numbered card features a tip, trick, or setting that educates on some of the most important rules and techniques used by photographers. Spades feature camera basics, hearts are about composition, clubs pack technical information, and diamonds discuss shooting styles.

Available for $25 from Travel9to5.

Canon EF and RF Lens Mugs

Canon cups that look like lenses

Canon is selling official mugs designed to look like EF and RF lenses. The mugs are made of ceramic and are designed to pair perfectly with your favorite tea or coffee.

Available for $25 and from Canon for RF and EF, respectively.

Custom View-Master-style Photo Reels

Stereoscopic reel viewers with custom photos

If you grew up looking at photos through a View-Master, you know the magic of stereoscope reel viewers. You can gift this joy to someone by turning your own photos into a custom reel. 7 photos fit on each reel and come with a red, blue, black, or white stereoscope viewer to enjoy it.

Available for $30 from Uncommon Goods.

35mm Pint Glass

A pint glass with a 35mm film canister embedded within

These drinking glasses have real 35mm film canisters permanently embedded in them. Each glass is made by hand and is perfect for drinking everything from beer to water to smoothies.

Available for $35 from Photogenic Supply Co.

Canon Photographer Teddy Bear

An official Canon teddy bear wearing a camera around its neck

Canon’s official collectible teddy bear comes wearing a photography vest and a replica Canon 5D Mark IV with a detachable 24-70mm lens. It’s an adorable gift, especially for die-hard Canon shooters.

Available for $60 from Canon USA.

Camera LED Neon Light

A faux neon light in the shape of a camera

If you have a big budget for someone needing to decorate their home or photo studio in a bold way, this large camera neon sign could be a delightful surprise. The sign is designed to look like a traditional neon sign made of glass and gas, but it’s actually crafted from energy-saving LED lights that work well in a wide range of moisture levels and temperatures. If you’re not into this particular camera design, the seller, NeonCartel, can create custom signs of all sizes, fonts, and colors.

Available for $299+ from Etsy.

The TACS ATL Wristwatch

A wristwatch inspired by a camera and designed for photographers

The ATL watch by TACS features a design inspired by the iconic twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera. The 46.5mm watch face has a bezel that looks like a focusing ring, index markings that look like a depth of field scale, a crown that looks like a focusing knob, a crown protector that looks like a camera strap eyelet slot, and much more. Inside the automatic watch is a CITIZEN MIYOTA 8N24 movement with 21 jewels.

Available for $463 from TACS.

PetaPixel will continually add gift suggestions to this list as they surface. If you know of a product that deserves a spot, please get in touch!

Image credits: Header photo licensed from Depositphotos

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