Brazil sidewalk collapses during parade, at least 30 people fall into river

People fell into the Cachoeira River when a sidewalk on Avenida Beira Rio collapsed during the inaugural Christmas presentation and the ceremony had to be interrupted for 40 minutes, the Joinville City Council said in a statement.

Twenty-one adults and 12 children were sent to local hospitals but none had serous injuries, authorities said.

Officials survey the scene after a sidewalk collapsed in the city of Joinville on Monday.

The event later resumed, and the city’s mayor, Adriano Silva, thanked emergency responders in his speech.

“We are grateful for not having anyone in serious condition and also for the emergency care that was provided to all the victims,” the mayor said.

A team from the Department of Urban Infrastructure and Civil Defense is continuing an inspection of the site’s structure.

Silva called a meeting for early Tuesday morning with managers from various city infrastructure departments to determine the next steps of action after the incident.

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